I’m currently on a gap year after school, and my parents allow me to go on a trip by myself to France.

I’ve been a closet nudist for some time although I had very few opportunities to get starkers through my youth. So this was my chance, I found a quiet clothing optional beach and stood there , wondering if I was going to take the plunge. I slowly took of my top and threw it on to my towel afterward as I was easing of my towel, I thought “To heck with this” and took it all off. I was in paradise and although there were a few attractive women nearby, I never got an erection. I ran like a madman to the ocean and was instatly one with the surf and sand. This was the most satisfying moment of my entire life and I realised that I had finally accomplished my long dream of being a nudist. I eventually tore myself out of the water and lay done on mature nudism to dry. So much better than a soggy swimsuit. I had heard how friendly nudists were through site, so I plucked up the courage to speak to aforementioned ladies.
It was going nicely at first, I told them about my excursion etc, until one of them made a terrible remark about my dick size (actually merely typical) and the rest joined in. I was shocked my view of friendly nudists had simply gone down the pan. They began touching their boobs, presumeably attempting to get me erected, and I walked away fighting tears as I covered my genitals.
This was not how I ‘d imagined my FTE to be and I thought it was inappropriate to typecast nudists only because of these 3 ignorant girls.
So I got in my rental car and drove to a location I’d heard was good. I arrived and, more carefully than before, took off my clothes. After speaking to some other nudists, who were sort as I had expected, I walked round to the sports area.

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Now say what you like but there’s definately something captivating about seeing the “jiggle” when nude people are playing sports. The I met Joseph, a fellow Britain who I helped set up a badminton court, which we played each other on. It was only after I had won the very first game, that I remembered that I was NAKED. I was playing Badminton infront of some other guy with my balls out (Thus the name) and I did not care. This was sensational, everyone here was naked but I wasn’t staring. Now I realise that I shouldn’t have let those girls get to me and I now know for sure that most nudists are nice.
Nicely Thank You for Reading.

I just returned from an incredible week at Club Orient on St. Martin. The first morning I was there

I got up a little before sunrise, so I went out onto the shore. After seeing the sunrise, I chose to take a walk up the beach. As I walked a noticed that there were other bare and textile folks ahead of me. Since I was unclear if the whole seashore was clothing-optional I supposed that http://wnude.com of me understood, and that if they could do it I could too. I walked all the method to the north end of the beach. Since I had started out at our waterfront chalet, right next to the Papagayo restaurant, I’d walked almost 1 1/2 miles.

On the return trip as I approached the Club Orient section of the shore I noticed three men in what I presumed were authorities uniforms standing in the parking lot next to the seashore seeing my strategy.

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As I drew near one of them started walking in my way. Uh oh, this can not be great I thought.

Although the cop did not speak English he used enough English words to get me understand that I was not supposed to be bare on the segment of beach from which I ‘d simply come. He wasn’t behaving like he was going to arrest me so I presumed that it I acted sufficiently contrite he would let me be on my way, which he did.

It was a great thing for http://kazyz.com that he did because except for a gold string I was wearing I ‘d certainly nothing with me. No identification, no cash, no credit cards, no nothing. I’d left essentially all my possessions behind, and actually it felt delightful. I’d strayed about a mile into “textile state” fully nude. No one appeared to care, and I had a ball. Ignorance truly is bliss.

After I went back to see if there had been a signal signaling the end of the clothing-optional beach, but there was none. That is a hint facing north that signals the beginning of the Club Orient nude beach, which I imagine one could interpret as also being the end of the non nude beach.

The only other time during the week that we put clothing on was when we wandered up the beach again to go parasailing. We totally enjoyed ourselves at Club Orient and highly recommend it. We also highly recommend the Tiko-Tiko cruise to Tintamarre. It absolutely was our first time at Club Orient, but it won’t be the last.

My nude beach encounters began a few years ago; strangely enough

, it was my mom who talked me into accompanying her to one of them when we were in France. But the story I would like to share is all about my other companion, a hot Italian girl by name Clarissa. But let me begin from the beginning.
It all started with a Facebook telling saying that I had a new friend request from a girl I couldnt recall. Skimming through her profile (the profile image featured to hugging girls, so I had hard time figuring out who was the one that wanted to be buddies with me), I soon found that she was interested in women. I snorted with surprise, but then I found myself thinking that my thrills could only partly be accounted for by surprise
I’m not just AC/DC, as they say, but I certainly had this streak in me – for one, it has ever been the beauty of a womans body that always excited me the most. I really could stare at images of naked females, but male nudity merely wouldnt get me off, knowing what I mean.
Obviously, that the daring section of me nagged to confirm that request, which I did. Clarissa turned out to be a very outgoing and friendly man; I never seen a couple of hours whiling away in an lively chat. I was both excited and intrigued and undoubtedly flattered – I would have not dared to approach another girl, but being liked by a nice person of a established homosexuality got me higher than I thought it could.
Omitting the aspects Ill just mention that we became virtual friends quite easily, and we’re friends till this very day. I found pretty fast that I was neither gay no bisexual, so it never functioned between us on the more intimate level. But we spent some great time while I was attempting to figure out whose side I was on, and we spent it by the seaside in Croatia.
Italians are http://videonudism.com/suntan on holidaying in Croatia in general; Clarissa was obsessed with yachting in Cornati National Park. I let myself just go with the stream when Clarissa invited me to join her during the past week of August. We started off by skinny-dipping and sunbathing on the leased, but after a couple of nudist activity pictures found out that our camp was located within proximity of a legitimate nude beach. I was more than OK with taking my nudity out and walking it with my head held high, hand in hand with my new girlfriend.
Here I should mention that before that minute I didnt have sex with Clarissa; she was courting me, yes, but wed never as much as kissed. However , as soon as we appeared on the nude beach together it was like a demons doing, Im telling you! I figure to me nudism has always been associated with a urge to impress, to be a startler and also the talk of the town; but with nearly everybody else naked around me on a nude beach it was sort of hard to impress the community with my nudity. So I nearly intuitively switched to the plan B, which was attracting attention with my alleged bisexuality.
I got all naughty and equivocal while helping Clarissa out of her shorts, I offered to take off her bikini bottom for her, I willingly and very enthusiastically rubbed the sunblock into the soft skin on her back and all the way down!

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My hands reached to her abdomen and then I touched her breasts after a moment of reluctance. My god, it was electric! And it definitely did what it was supposed to – everybody else on the shore was staring at us, both men and women!
I guess this will not make me a dyke, but an exhibitionist – big time, you betcha!! I got off as tough as a girl can. This did not pass undetected to Clarissa, and she played up my tune. It was like being exposed on a vast scene under the open skies. I felt the same as a movie star, seriously. And I’m pretty happy about what happened later that day (and that night!). Although it didnt make me change sides, hell, it was a life experience!
And now it gives me grounds to smile mysteriously every time they talk about lesbians – and I feel like the world revolves around me, once again!

I thought I’d share my newbie first experience, only had it this weekend in fact!

I love being bare, and have been interested in trying it in a societal setting for a while.
My uncle I want to use his area at the Delaware beach over Thanksgiving (freezing cold, but it’s a nice get away, and not crowded this time of year), so me and 3 friends headed down late Thanksgiving night. The following morning the other 3 were up before I was, and they were in the kitchen, making breakfast, having java. I sleep naked, and was going to place something on to go down and join them. Then I thought about all of the stories I’ve read on here, about only “going for it” and trying nudism. So I thought, what the heck? They’re my guests, they’re my friends, why don’t you just go in there as I ‘m? I walked in, and got many gasps and chuckles from my buddies. I simply told them that I sleep naked, I was about to go take a shower anyway, so why place something on merely to subsequently take it right back away? I did include that if they were uneasy, I really could set something on. All 3 said they did not care, but they were still a but taken back. A brief discussion then ensued about sleeping naked, and all 3 confessed they slept in the nude some times as well. One of my friends even confessed that she and her boyfriend had once gone to a nude beach in the Exubas. That sort of cut http://videonudism.com/girls , and the consensus was that me being nude was no big deal if that was how I was comfortable. It felt so good to only be there, in a natural state, and to be accepted and not have to be worried about covering up.
After that day (which was yesterday), We made a decision to get in the hot tub. I said I was going in bare, the others could do as they pleased. http://nudism.name/nudism.html who’d been to a nude beach determined she’d go in bare as well, the other two wore suits. After about 20 minutes, they each got topless, and about 20 minutes after that, lost the bottoms too. The whole rest of the evening, we all remained bare – made dinner, watched some films, simply had fun. It felt so amazing to simply drop the limitations that clothes give, and merely have relax with friends.

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It made the entire night much more pleasurable for all. I can easily say all 4 of us are hooked.
This morning we needed to leave, but we all agreed we were planning to get into the nudist lifestyle more. Who knows how this will go (i.e. where we will do it, do we bring in b/f’s, etc.), but I could not be happier!
So that’s my story – perhaps a little lame for you all, but I was just dying to share it with someone, so I picked all of you people to share with
Peace and Hugs,

The Sunday morning dawned bright and early and we had plans to check out of the apartment as soon as possible

, catch some breakfast, organise some lunch and head to the shore before driving back to Brisbane as well as our flight to Sydney.
Yet, we’dnt reckoned on this being the weekend of the Noosa Half Marathon along with the Hastings Street area being closed down for this occasion. The representative we’d reserved through was right at the center of the region and we ended up parking farther away than our apartment had been from the agent. This was our first barrier soon followed by attempting to find somewhere for breakfast, which ultimately proved too difficult and we headed over to Sunshine Beach to snatch a few baguettes, fruit and take away coffee.
Talking to a few surfers while we breakfasted over looking the beach we also found that accessibility to Alexandria Bay was possible from Sunshine Beach and was a much shorter walk than from the Noosa side of the National Park. So we immediately headed off and found a parking space from this side of the park.
The walk in was shorter, simply just more than 1km but had none of the remarkable scene of the Noosa side. Anyway by 10:00 am we stepped out onto the shore and started looking for a space to settle for the day. To the right and south end of the shore there was already a group starting to form but it appeared to be mostly male and past middle aged so we headed back towards where we’d camped the prior day.
The site was easily found as the branch Shani had stuck in the sand the previous day was still there. As we stripped down Angela and http://wnude.com/nudist-teens.html were quickly out of our clothing and settling out on our towels. Shani was still fully clothed and shuffling around in her backpack she then pulled out her bikini and draped it over the branch, then the towel was carefully laid out, she sat down and started to disrobe stopping when all she had on was the most miniature lace thong Ive ever seen. I asked her if she was going to take that off, and she described that she might get bare after in the day, if her confidence arrived again.
We laid there and sunned and chatted for about an hour before a swim was suggested, we looked up and quite several people had gathered in our vicinity and along the whole shore. Shani stolen out of the thong and into her bikini bottoms, and the three of us headed off into the water, Angela and I both naked. When we got out onto the sandbank the water was about waist deep and we stood there and crashed against the waves as they rolled in, soon Shani removed her bottoms and tied them around her ponytail.
When we turned to return to land there was a line of five men simply standing on the waters edge watching us frolic. Not one of these men had been there when we’d entered the water and we’d need to walk past them to get back to our towels.
Lying in the gutter (the deep water between the sandbank and also the beach) we waited for these guys to proceed before leaving the water. After a few minutes this hadn’t occurred so Angela used her customary diplomatic fashion and cried at http://nudismnudist.com , Would you #$*%#ing perverts, piss off!
She had an immediate effect and the men scattered, allowing us to walk directly up to our towels and settle back to some serious sunbaking. We had been settled for a while when a female voice interrupted our silence.
It was the girl from yesterday, who had been naked but her boyfriend had stayed dressed. She introduced herself as Sarah, from Melbourne and was asking could she sit with us. We didnt have an issue with that and conversation easily followed.
It appears she and her boyfriend were having a ten day break and he’d suggested Noosa for the surfing and actually liked surfing in the very light crowds at Alexandria Bay. She had found the spot suitably isolated that she had began sunbaking topless and on their fourth day (yesterday) had decided that nude was wonderful.
We inquired if the boyfriend (I dont remember his name, but I think it was Nick, Rick or Mick) had had an issue with her being naked. Sarah went on to clarify that he had an issue with anyone looking at her and he considered she was getting naked to upset him. Seemingly Nick, Rick, Mick was surfing at Coolum that day and so she had walked in by herself hoping to locate some female company and they would meet up much later in the day.
Sarah didnt say it but it was obvious that possessiveness proved to be a real dilemma between them. Anyhow the day glided on and we watched people come and go, we’d a couple swims, the pervs stayed away from us, or at least remained imperceptible. The four of us stayed naked for the rest of the day and Sarah and I walked the length of the beach together, and took a couple of pictures of the shore valuing naturist picture etiquette. Sarah is 19 and unemployed and not studying and really doesnt understand what’s happening with her life, except a vague plan of marrying Nick, Rick, Mick when he completes his apprenticeship and moving to Queensland. It is a life strategy I struggle to comprehend.
At three we packed up to head home.

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As we were flying and we remembered the second rule of traveling (the one after consistently carry a towel) constantly wear fresh underwear we all had the novel experience of getting dressed into suitable knickers, on a beach surrounded by twenty or thirty individuals. I asked Sarah if she intended following the nude thing when she got home and she said she’d, but I suppose it is just a vacation thing for her.
The trip home was uneventful except that Shani had burnt her bottom merely at the top and her thong was rubbing and giving her hell, so in the Qantas Club she went into the bathrooms and removed the offending thing and flew house commando.

I ‘ve a friend Tasha whom Ive known since my college days. I’m very much fond of her

, for in my opinion she has everything I lack -shes considerably hotter than me to begin with, and then she’s an adventurer. She has this run in her, constantly being on top of the world. So it doesnt come as a major surprise that shes always surrounded by a crowd of admirers. But I can say that being her friend for so many years must have rubbed off on me by now -this camaraderie changed me in a good manner, and now I am more open to new opportunities. I let myself go from time to time, saying yes to craziest things -like that film with Jim Carrey, if you know what Im talking about.
So this one time me and Tasha we were spending a weekend by the riverside. Tasha called me a night before and advised me that a bunch of her buddies from squash classes she’d lately taken to were inviting her to join them in their field trip. She wasn’t participating in the competition, being a newcomer, but she was very much welcome to come along and bring her plus one.
Most of the day we would be left to our own resources. Wed go out as well as have a light brekkie, then go to a beach and spend the rest of the day there while Tashas buddies were busy at the parties. In the evening they’d join us on the beach and http://tvamateur.net in the day wed reach a cabaret.
We were having as much fun as we possibly could for the first two days, and then, all of a sudden, Tasha came up with one of her fads, and this time it was about going stark naked on a public beach. She was not cool enough, you wee, with sunbathing topless a lot of the day, which already had made us a number of the most popular bathers on the beach.
I understood that with Tasha it was no sooner said than done, and so I brazed myself and place my mind on making it to the end of the day regardless of what, thanking heavens above that tomorrow we would be leaving home.
It still took me a few beers in the morning to get used to the notion of following my skin-nude friend to the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Mrs. Grundy -if I had a body like Tashas, why, Id expose it on every occasion! So I imagine understanding how much hotter she looked with her amazing palpable tits and toned backside was getting to me in a way. A terrific thing though that I was able to shrug it off and have a few really good time in the company of my buddy at the conclusion of the day!
But on top of everything, Tashas squash playmates were supposed to really have nude beach girls off their sparring and may join us on the shore as early as forenoon. I was not at all certain at how they would require Tashas nudity -to me it was asking for trouble and being downright provocative.
The first thing Tasha did when we came to the beach that day was taking off her swimsuit top, just like she did a day before that. As usual, she turned heads of a dozen of guys which were enjoying a Sunday afternoon within our closeness. My buddy, however, did not look as brave as she had the day before; it was not too long before she started nagging me to take off at least my top. She was going on and on about me being all blindfolded and narrow minded, but that wasnt a furtive soil to plow. What eventually got me was the manner Tasha said that to her I seemed hot. Damn it girl, – she said, – Youre way hotter than I ‘m, what are you so darn aware about?! To say that these words got me by surprise is to say naught of it.
For starters, my thighs are on the fatter side and an object of my life displease together with the way I look; my breasts could be ampler, too, but one thing I can say for them is they are nicely shaped. I ‘ve an hourglass figure that I know plenty of guys take for an eye candy, but I reckon thats about it.

Oh well what can I say, another beer -and I was game When I ignored my bikini top I felt like my very nerves were denuded. But against my worst anticipations, nobody got to pointing fingers at me or sneering; more than that, later that day one of Tashas friends complimented me on the shape of my breasts.
Tasha lost her bikini bottom as soon as I took off my top; the two of us made the talk of the shore. I wasn’t that fond of the experience though -certainly this feeling did not let me relax till the remaining part of the day, and when Tashas team mates came along I felt absolutely embarrassing. But this encounter brought me the comprehension of what nudists see in this pastime -absolutely it takes a special place to be bare with the nature around you and a crowd of soulmates. Maybe someday I will try it again!

So the “braviest”…well, could be several. I use to be in possession of a jet ski in southern california.

I would go to Lake Elsenore. On several occasions I’d ski naked…or merely troll along dragging myself behind the ski. That turned out to be a different encounter. Anyhow, one time skiing I discovered a boat with some passengers in it who saw me. They started coming my way. I fell into the water. It was a woman and two other girls.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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She said hi and asked if I ‘d do that somemore. I was somewhat surprised as I rather I was going to get an ear full. So, I started skiing about and along side them for a bit. Chatted a bit and planned to hook up after.

On another occasion I was driving to a bare resort with my girl friend. I was driving. I just had on a top. I got pulled over by the state patrol. ** whew** fortunately I didn’t need to get out of the automobile. But…my heart was a thumping.

I’ve laid out bare in my backyard, and balcony when living at an apartment. I’ve gone hiking bare in a variety of places.

I’ve even had neighbors come to read who I didn’t know. In one case the one lady asked to utilize the telephone. I said sure but told her to wait because I needed to put some pants on. I was surprised when she said that is ok, the she and her friend had been watching me from across the pool place. So I let them in and we chatted.

Being a pilot and when I was flying routine, I and a few buddies took off for Lake Mead and stripped while enroute and landed at a non-control field and just kept our clothes away. We ended up camping at a beach a few hundred yards away.

Never thought about it before but when we read this my partner and I began to think about it and we

understood that we do do it fairly often. The past time was 2 weeks ago. We were in Las Vegas and went for a drive to The Dam. Went past it and went for a drive out past it. We went to http://videonudism.com/teen on the right which you have to drive several miles too. It was deserted and hot . I ‘d my top of in a minute as did my wife as we took a fast walk.

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We got back into the vehicle and headed back to the highway. Once we were in the car my wife slid her skirt down and rode naked. She desired me to do the same but I said I’d wait till we got back to the hiway in case it was busy. Got ot the hiway and there was just a couple of cars so off came my shorts. We drove for about an hour before we turned around and headed back. We turned into the Lake Mead conservation area and took the gravel road all the approach to the end , both trails. We stopped many times for some photo ops. and to put sun screen on. That was great fun. As we got back to the point where the gravel meets the pavement we halted to shoot some timer pics of ourselves and yes we got caught. This pick-up came out of nowhere before we could get clothes on or back to the vehicle so we just smiled and waved. It was http://beach-photos.com on their honeymoon and when they saw us naked they ceased and wanted to know whether there was nude beach down there and we said yes it was when we were there. They seemed be completely unconcerned that we were naked. I told them that there was no one down there and they could get naked now if they needed to. Made a little more small talk and then walked to our car. I looked back at them as I got into our car and I could see them becoming nude also. That’s the very first time we have ever got caught totaly naked. We got into the auto with a real adrenaline rush and decided not to get dressed…drove down to the marina and did a drive thru the parking lot down to the boat launch but there was few folks around so we didn’t get out and left. It was getting dark as we got back to the hiway and completely forgot about the check point before the dam. Hardly got my shorts on and wifey only got her top on and got her skirt on her lap as we got to it. They just waved us thru without even looking at us, we were going to drive all the way back to the resort nakedand as it turned out we likely could have. We eventually finished getting dressed in the parking garage at the hotel. That was the only nude driving we did there and got a very good burn additionally, but it was worth it. So much more to tell maybe another time

I used to be less cautious than I ‘m now.

I ‘ve in the past gone nude on occasionally fairly busy Spanish shores, carrying nothing and walking purposefully past them for several miles. It is url . Individuals would notice, but few seemed at all troubled. Just once did anyone (a man) object on the particular reasons that children might see me. As http://nudests.net realize, children take no notice of simple nudity, but I did feel worried because I subsequently felt vulnerable and had no means at all to cover up.
I occasionally experienced groups of two or three girls expressing obvious approval that I was bare, not that I was looking for that. I avoided single women who weren’t bare or top-free so as not to make them feel uncomfortable or threatened. It was interesting to monitor how some couples saw me naked and then removed their clothes. That was before.
In the interests of not causing offence and not giving naturism a bad name even if legal I’ve changed my strategy to public nudity to be less evident. The same as Pete, I concur hiking is a good deal more fun in relation to the shore. In addition , I use quieter Spanish shores where few people pay any attention aside from merely seeing, some see me and do the same! Hiking in Spain, it’s really quiet the opportunities of running into someone are low. Hiking in the UK the odds are much higher. If alone I have tend to evaporate off in the bushes, feeling nervous since I have absolutely no wish to offend but afraid it may be taken as more than simple nudity.
Doing a Spencer Tunick setup has given me a different pespective on the way the Brits see nudity. 1700 folks went nude for many hours in a city in the name of “artwork”. Most were not naturists and were quite nervous in the beginning. I don’t go bare on UK shores unless lying on my abdomen in a quiet area. I just stand up when there isn’t anyone about for at least 700 yards, but may walk a long way then. If someone keeps on walking towards me I don’t normally worry about it, since it’s their choice and I ‘m on a really broad big shore, but if it’s narrower I sit down and am discreet until they have passed.
If I see a lonely girl I frequently cover up as we get closer so she can feel “safe”. No-one in the united kingdom has ever objected or seemed piqued.

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Occasionally they have been clearly amused, so I just say hello. You might wonder why I do not use nudist beaches very regularly. The key answer is simple. Sadly, in the UK and on the smaller Spanish beaches there are frequently various pervs hanging around and I do not feel as comfortable. They’re the ones giving naturism a bad name.

Ah, nudists! Through the years I Have grown to actually love nudists and nudist

hangouts in general. Now, as a young kids, closer to infancy, I recall we always made like Tommy from the Rugrats and continuously stripped our clothes away. Our parents ran around the house trying to pick up the articles of clothing as we ran by them, tossing off something else. (Eventually they taped all our clothes on with duct tape and then further secured us to our high chair with said tape. Your parents didn’t tape you? Oh, well then I might’ve just been one of the lucky ones. Oh I jest, calm down) As a
child, I needed to go through my parents divorce, then the difficult conclusion of trying to work out who to live with. At first, I lived with my mother for a couple years. I still remember all the different roommates we had living with us gay, straight, male or female, folks from all walks of life. For that I thank her because I grew up being socially well rounded with a variety of belief systems and lifestyles around me. One roommate, whom I still have as a good friend in my life, was a gentleman (whom well call George) who practiced nudism. Well, not that you have to “practice being nude” since we all are under our clothing anyway, but url who favor that lifestyle do tend to discard those outer garments a lot! To his credit, instead of simply being nude on a regular basis, he always made sure that it would be alright with the rest of the roommates including my mom, my sister and I, before he seemed undressed, so that everyone in the house wouldnt be too disturbed when he was “practicing his lifestyle.” Of course as a young girl, the sight of a naked guy running throughout the house can be something of a giggle, but because of how I had been brought up, I wasnt troubled by it. When I needed to have non-nudist friends over, I’d make sure to tell him so beforehand and he’d promptly go throw on a set of short pants with no grievance. So the system we had in the household worked just fine.
My mother was very openly enthusiastic about nudity additionally, along with all those other taboo issues that come up awkwardly when youre a teenager when talking with your parents. To her credit, instead of waiting until my sister and I reached our teenager years, she made sure that we understood about different things that go on in other peoples houses, behind closed doors, and even in our house not that being naked was a huge thing. ( I don’t have any doubt if our President and his staff ran around naked, the countrys reaction would be one of total acceptance!)] Mother was a “not everywhere, not all the time” nudist, meaning she liked to hang out at home nude, run around the backyard nude, but not run around a nudist park. Social nudity outdoors with several hundred other people just wasnt her thing.
It was, nevertheless, Georges thing, and he belonged to a local nudist resort and spent most weekends there. I recall asking him about the area and he always answered enthusiastically about it as being fine and a fun place, but I wasnt quite ready yet. He made a standing invitation for my mom, my sister and I to go whenever we determined it was time, but he’d not do so without my moms written permission and with everyone’s complete understanding of what the conduct rules were there. Finally, perhaps a year later, my mother and sister did go with him, and appreciated the experience very much. But by then I ‘d moved out as well as lived with my father and stepmom and was being raised in a fairly sheltered, religious kind of manner. This whole nudist thing didnt appear sinful, but modesty was drilled into my head, so I was less receptive to the notion of being naked around other people until a couple of years afterwards.
Afterward came the “Great Rebellion of Age Fourteen,” and one day while hanging out at my mothers house I finally got the nerve to ask George if I could go with him to this nudist resort and see what all the fuss was about. We both made sure it was fine with my mom, and it was, so away we went to the nudist park! Being the shy, clumsy kid I was, I didn’t run around chucking my clothing right away. Instead, I believe the first few times I fastened myself in the pool and seldom left it, except possibly to play a game of badminton. (Yes,I played badminton as a kid. You did not? Gosh you really missed out! Oh yes, so back to naked badminton…)

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It wasnt that I was uneasy in the place, because everyone was extremely pleasant and encouraging. I assume I played badminton to avoid staring at people. http://macdollars.net not to stare at fifty or so people lounging about like lizards in the sun with no shred of clothes on. Especially when you’re fourteen. Naturally, when you’re fourteen, you additionally thank the gods for your youth and tight skin. One thing I know I can thank the nudists for were their parties.
It is uncanny how many parties they throw. I believe they sit in front of a calendar saying ‘Alright, so Halloween is coming up at the end of the month, then there is Thanksgiving, but damnit! There has to be something in between!” Then they realize there’s Election Day (which isn’t actually something to celebrate these days), Veteran’s Day, and Eid Al-Fitr (for all you fasting nudists out therethough they are tough to locate). Those days are celebratory enough, so they throw a bash and have lots of food and sit around drinking their cocktails, eating everything in sight (at least I did), and observing their nakedness, er I mean the vacation at hand.
On one such vacation, I can’t remember which, they’d one really talented member of the resort staff doing body painting on anyone who was interested. Now, in case you have never had a paintbrush dragged across your butt, well let me tell you, it tickles! I chose to get up enough courage to have the gentleman paint a dragon from my shoulder to simply under my back. It looked wonderful, indeed! Everyone was telling me how wonderful it appeared, on me and only in general. I think even a German television crew was there filming the festivities. Those Germans, they will put anything on television – even a lot of ol’ naked people. But so I pranced around all day, displaying my backside to each adoring onlooker. Subsequently, much of my body shyness dissipated after that day.
After that I made many return visits and then I began looking forward to it almost every weekend, as I ‘d made many friends there of all ages, and enjoyed being able to simply lounge about in the sun. I loved it so much, after a number of years I gently started telling some of my friends about it. To my surprise many were interested themselves, and eventually I brought to the resort a girl friend from high school. After the same year I brought there my boyfriend in the time (even though he proved to be a whole lot more religiously repressed than I ever was.) And still later that summer, I brought an Internet buddy from Ohio while he visited to share his first day of social nudity with our club members. During the next few years, I encouraged quite a couple of pals to join me in the resort, and all of them wound up having a terrific experience! As it is possible to see, this lifestyle is some thing that now I love sharing with folks I know. As a young woman, I’ve finally moved out on my own, and I appreciate running around my very own house naked whenever I get the opportunity (and at my mothers house whenever I return to visit.) I am now proud to say I’m a Nudist (with a capital “N”), and I ‘ve my mother and her roommate George to thank for it, those many years ago.
That all being said, I believe I have some sunning to do. It’s a quite wonderful day and I’ve a great balcony that is calling to me.