I used to be much less careful than I ‘m now.

I ‘ve in the past gone nude on sometimes beach fucking , carrying nothing and walking purposefully past them for several miles. It is not prohibited there. People would notice, but few appeared at all disturbed. Just once did anyone (a man) thing on the specific grounds that kids might see me. As we know, youngsters take no notice of simple nudity, but I did feel nervous because I subsequently felt exposed and had no means at all to cover-up.
I occasionally experienced groups of two or three women expressing obvious approval that I was bare, not that I was searching for that. I avoided single women who were not naked or top-free so as not to make them feel uneasy or threatened. It was interesting to watch how some couples saw me bare and then removed their clothing. That was in the past.
In the interests of not causing offence and not giving naturism a bad name even if legal I’ve altered my approach to public nudity to be less noticeable. The same as Pete, I agree hiking is a good deal more interesting than the shore. In addition , I use quieter Spanish shores where few people pay any attention besides merely detecting, some see me and do the same! Hiking in Spain, it is really quiet the opportunities of running into someone are low. Hiking in the UK the odds are much higher. If alone I ‘ve tend to vanish off into the bushes, feeling nervous since I have zero wish to offend but afraid it may be taken as more than simple nudity.
Doing a Spencer Tunick setup has given me a different pespective on the way the Brits see nudity. 1700 people went http://ournudism.com/young-nudist-photos.html for a number of hours in a city in the name of “art”. Most weren’t naturists and were very nervous in the beginning. I don’t go naked on UK beaches unless lying on my belly in a silent area. I only stand up when there’s not anyone around for at least 700 yards, but may walk a long way afterward. If a person keeps on walking towards me I don’t generally worry about it, since it is their option and I ‘m on a really broad big beach, but if it is narrower I sit down and am unobtrusive until they’ve passed.
If I see a lone woman I often cover up as we get closer so she can feel “safe”. No one in the united kingdom has ever objected or seemed piqued. Occasionally they’ve been clearly amused, so I just say hello. You might wonder why I do not use nudist beaches very frequently. The main answer is straightforward.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Unfortunately, in the UK and on the smaller Spanish shores there are frequently various pervs hanging around and I don’t feel as comfortable. They’re the ones giving naturism a bad name.

I was born in a nation where nudism/naturism is still taboo.

I had my first experience once I was 13. http://nudist-young.com/nudist-beach.html during summer vacation and I was learning swimming in a near by pool. One day, I forgot to wear the swimming torso and I recognized that when I am going to drop my trousers.

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I don’t desire to go back home for my undies. So I chose to wrap a towel and continue to swim. The towel used to slip off frequently and for the very first time in my entire life that my skin got in direct contact with water under sunlight. I felt the coldness of water along with the warmthness of the sunshine with entirely nude body. Its a sensory feeling and I fell in love with naturism for http://youngnudest.com .
To be honest, I got into few sensual tasks (such as naked erotic massages etc) during my teenage. But I never felt the true happiness in these types of tasks and every time that I felt guiltiness in my heart that Iam doing something wrong. Nudism for me at that age is nothing but glaring at nude women. But as I grow-up, I gave-up all those lusty things.
as soon as I reached my twenties, I started thinking in a matured way and I began loving naturism. I had the sway of few philosophers on my mind, that makes me to opt naturism. Now Iam comfortable with naked men and woman of all ages around me. Infact , nothing around me is fascinating for me now than my own nude body exposed to sun.
But as I mentioned before, naturism isn’t welcomed in Asia. So, I used to restrict my activities within four walls. But whenever I get a change, I don’t consider second time to wear my birthday suit

For the longest time, my nudity has been limited to my house, backyard, or distant areas with no one else around.

Back in May, I was working work in Alabama and had a 5-day weekend for Memorial Day. I’d done lots of study on the net about “clothes Elective” beaches and naturist/naked clubs and had read about Haulover Beach, so decided to go there for my first time.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

So, I made the trip down there, but after checking into my hotel (which SHOULD have been fairy close to Haulover) I realized I didn’t have net for directions so I simply walked down the beach. Needless to say, I did not find it. The next day I DID find it. (Got good directions this time.) The parking area was arcoss the street from the beach and there was an underpass for pedestrians. as soon as I got to the high shrubbery (to block the view rom the traffic) I saw a sign that said “You Could Strike Bare Sun Bathers Beyond This Point”. Right behind the sign was a nude man taking a shower, so I figured I was in the correct area.
Well, I took my cooler, chair and towel down to the seashore, found a pleasant spot and set things up. After everything was set up, I took off shirt and shoes. So now I’m standing there in front of my chair and I said to myself, “Well, this is what you came for. It is now or never.” And with that, I shed the short pants and folded them up with the rest of my clothing. So now I’m standing on the shore, absolutely nude fpor the first time. What a feeling.
I spend several hours there (as the previous day was squandered on http://picsnudists.com ) before I needed to hit the road. But on the way out, I got a flyer that talked about Apollo Beach. As it was on the way, I decided to stop by and check it out. It turned out to be a good drive off the interstate highway, but I made it, stripped down and spent a few more hours in the buff.
After the occupation in Alabama finished, I went back to California and made a decision to visit as many clothing optional beaches as I could before the following job started up. So now I’m hooked, just like nearly everyone else on this website.

My first time narrative is a bit unique, at least in some ways.

I’m 37, and 7 years ago I was leaving my job, and went to Happy Hour with some coworkers. By the end of the evening, it was down to me, Ron and Shelly, both of whom I worked with.
We were talking about all sorts of things, and somehow it came up that they both sleep bare. They asked if I did, and I said yes I did, even though I didn’t. I actually don’t understand why I said that – I guess I did not need to seem game. I stayed in touch with the two of those two, we were all close friends. 3 years after that, I moved in with my b/f, and I was telling Ron in an email the bedroom was freezing. He answered back “I suppose you can’t sleep bare anymore subsequently”. I’d forgotten all about that entire Happy Hour discussion, and I could not believe he remebered! I said something like “Yes, too cold in my new position”, at least know I was being true. 2 years ago, I broke up with that b/f, and was quite depressed. In an e mail trying to cheer me up, Ron said (among other things), “Now you can sleep nude again”. Yet again, I really couldn’t believe he was still talking about it.
I found myself quite happy that a man was thinking of my body – not that I had feelings for Ron, nor he for me, it simply being alone and sad, it was http://antinude.com that a man was talking about my body. I actually wanted to keep the bare discussions going, so I started making up stories about being naked around my flat. It was enjoyable to talk about, but curiously, I was not actually doing any of it. Finally, I did begin to sleep bare, and loved the feeling once I woke up, and had sheets touching http://nudist-young.com/nudist-beach.html of my body. I got real curious what it’d be like to be nude around others.
I located a location that held monthly pool parties in the nude. I was exceptionally nervous at first, nevertheless they promised me that what ever state of dress I felt best with was good. When I got there, I decided to keep my suit on at first. I chatted with some folks, and it felt very comfortable. In certain ways, I felt dumb being dressed. Then low and behold who do I see, but my old pal Shelly from that famed Happy Hour. I will never forget it, she was completely bare and had a large smile. She looked so amazing, so joyful, so uninhibited – she was everything I was hpoing to be. It was so different seeing someone from my “regular” world bare.
At that stage, I was overcome with a urge to show my body, so off went the suit, and I had the best time of my life! Everyone was so open and fun, and I adored the feel of being bare and free. Shelly presented me to some people she knew, we all had a fantastic time. Since then I’ve been a regular at those pool parties and other nude occasions. It gave me the motivation to work out more, and get toned up. I’m in the best shape of my life, am closer to Shelly then ever, and even found a distinguished man. And it was all because I was scared to say I slept with my clothes on 7 years ago :).

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

I thought I’d share my newbie first encounter, only had it this weekend in fact!

I love being bare, and have been interested in attempting it in a social setting for some time.
My uncle I would like to use his spot at the Delaware beach over Thanksgiving (freezing cold, but it is a nice get away, and not crowded this time of year), so me and 3 friends headed down late Thanksgiving night. The following morning the other 3 were up before I was, and they were in the kitchen, making breakfast, having java. I sleep bare, and was about to place something on to go down and join them. Then I thought about all of the narratives I’ve read on here, about just “going for it” and striving nudism. So I thought, what the heck? They’re my guests, they’re my friends, why not simply go in there as I am? I walked in, and got many gasps and chuckles from my buddies. I simply told them that I sleep naked, I was going to go take a shower anyway, so why put something on only to then take it right back away? I did include that if they were uneasy, I really could put something on. All 3 said they didn’t care, but they were still a but taken back. A brief discussion then ensued about sleeping naked, and all 3 confessed that they slept in the nude some times too. One of my buddies even confessed that she and her boyfriend had once gone to a nude beach in the Exubas. That sort of cut the tension, and also the consensus was that me being nude was no big deal if that was how I was comfy. It felt so great to only be there , in a natural state, and to be accepted and not need to be concerned about covering up.
Later that day (which was yesterday), We chose to get in the hot tub. I said I was going in nude, the others could do as they pleased. My one friend who’d been to a nude beach determined she’d go in nude as well, the other two wore suits. After about 20 minutes, they each got topless, and about 20 minutes after that, lost the bottoms as well. The whole rest of the evening, we all stayed nude – made dinner, watched some pictures, just had fun.

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It felt so wonderful to just discard the restrictions that clothes give, and only have relax with friends. It made the whole night a whole lot more gratifying for all. I can easily say all 4 of us are solicited.
This morning we had to leave, but we all agreed we were planning to get into the nudist lifestyle more. Who knows how this will go (i.e. where we will do it, do we bring in b/f’s, etc.), but I couldn’t be happier!
So that’s my story – maybe a little lame for you all, but I was simply dying to share it with someone, so http://nudismnudist.com decided all of you people to share with
Peace and Hugs,

A number of years ago, after graduating high school, we went on a graduation visit to St. Martin

, an island in the Caribbean. We were 5 guys and 4 women, all single. The shores there are incredible, particularly Orient Beach. The topless girls kinda help also! Regrettably, not one of the girls we were with took off beach spy . Yet.
On the 2nd day, we decided to walk the whole lenght of the seashore and go check out the nude section and see what all the hype was about. Once we arrived at the Orient Club, which is the nudist section basically, a man from our group indicate that we go in and do as the others, without clothing!!

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

After several laughs and giggles, my friend takes off his swim trunks and 1 minute after, everyone is bare as a worm. Now, not getting an erection was the huge challenge here, since the girls were pretty hot naked and having some of them compliment me on my dick only made things worst! lol I attempted to think about http://wnude.com , 98yo naked girls, a pitbull in addition to my last trip to the dentist. It kinda worked until we all determined to lay down on some towels.
Seeing the girls bending over was simply too much so I decided to go take a swim in the ocean. They soon all followed me. Then after a little while, we got out and thankfuly, after spending some time concentrating hard on other things, I was limp again. Kind Of. But now my pal, who’ll remain nameless , was challenging and didnt wish to depart the water!! lol Nobody wanted to help him out with a towel so he had to come out, quite embarrassed!
Laughing, but knowing I could be next, I had the good idea of telling them that since sunlight is so powerful perhaps we should cover up before we get sunbruns in particular unsuitable areas! So that was my nudist encounter! When it comes to remaining portion of the trip, it went very well I had sex with 2 of the 4 girls from our group which was one more than I expected.

My First Nudist Experience

I went to a beach resort in Montego Bay with two of my girl friends. To go we need to buy a pass which gives you access to all the water sports, tennis and food.A male, I was in the business of two of my girl friends who worked with me. We played tennis and then had a swim and couple of beverages. One of my buddies as well as I kept walking towards the end of the seashore and there was a hint “clothing-optional.” My buddy told the other girl, “Let Us go,” and she said she would join as soon as she finished her bites.

My friend, as she was from Europe, instantly took her clothing away and requested me to do the same. I was shocked for a minute and told her that I’ve never done this before and wasn’t comfortable. So she gave me the space to be be cozy.

There were many other nudist couples and groups, also few families. I was the only one with clothes on. So I made the decision to take a daring step. I went in the water with my buddy and took my swim pants off. The feeling of being without clothing felt wonderful.

My buddy came out of the water but again my actual job was to come out nude out of the water and in front of everyone. Eventually, I took a courageous step and came out and my buddy waved her hands toward me and said, “Good job. Finally you did it.”

The couple next to us and other family welcomed me to the family. No one laughed and I felt more comfortable. As soon as the wind tickled my body, it made me feel fantastic.

In several minutes our other friend came and congratulated me for becoming a nudist. The three of us spent a lot of time on the beach nude and did many nudist activities: swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, etc. Every time now we go to Jamaica we go to the nude beach.

Once our ship went to St. Martinand we went to Orient Beach and spent an awesome time there. A couple more buddies have joined us.

Young Nudist

Bare swim began at 8 years old. I was at http://nudist-video.net , we went to a lake, I really had no suit like other lads, so staff said go in nude, and I’ve loved it since 1973. I am still a nudist at age 46 years young.

-Robert F.L.
Skowhegan, Maine
New to Nudism

My wife and I went on a cruse to the Caribbean in 2007. While there our tour took us to a seashore. It was a nude beach and being self-conscious as shy could be, I left my trunks on. I thought my wife was shy too, but not as much as I thought. She couldn’t get nude fast enough with the mindset that no one would ever see us again, or even attention. So, I tried it too. We both felt the same weight lift off our shoulders as is frequently described and found ourselves looking for other nude beaches on our trip.

This continued after we got back home. We also discovered San Onofre and then Glen Eden and others. I wish we experienced this 30 years ago. It’s hard to describe just how eye-opening and clear life becomes. Largely we’ve met great folks and have started to live life again.

My favourite storyline!: So our children (one son and one daughter) were not too pleased with our new recreational activities, going as far as endangering us to not see our grandkids. They needed us checked out for mental dilemmas. So as we meet with a Dr. Psychiatrist in Santa Ana, one our son lined up, we found out he’s a lifetime nudist, raised in this environment and has vacationed at nudist resorts in Vermont. His wife was really nudist as she’d scarcely wear clothing whatsoever. Our children were so shocked! They weren’t really pleased again.

They’ve come to the shore along with a resort with us and carefully checked out who was there and how they responded to other nudists. Our kids have since become fans also; only really amusing to us.

-Myron S.
Long Beach, California
First Time when I was Young

My parents have been nudist for a long time and the first time they took me was when I was 11.

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We had just moved to Austin and we went to the Hippy Hole place by the lake. As soon as we got there, we saw lots of people — young and old — sunning and swimming naked. We were bare all of the time in my home. I ‘d simply never seen other people nude. My parents removed their clothing and set up a towel close to the water. They then said I could stay dressed if I needed. Not wanting to be left out, I took my clothes off too. The fresh air felt great on my bare skin. We spent a couple of hours there swimming and talking to people. There were other kids my age as well and I spent time with two men and a woman who was 12. They told me their families were coming there for years. I had a great time. My parents and I went back every chance we got. We also got to know other families and spent time with them at our houses, naked of course. We’d show up, take off our clothing, and do whatever people do at dinner parties and BBQs. I now do that with my lovely wife and children.

Houston, Texas
Saved our marriage

Ten years ago my wife and I were in a slump in our union. We were both 40 and needed something to shake it up. A pal of mine suggested we visit a nudist camp near our town. I thought it sounded like fun and suggested it to my wife. She was reluctant in the beginning but figured why not? So we reserved a cottage and visited on Sat morning. I have no problem being naked in front of folks, but my wife is QUITE shy. We checked into our cottage and proposed we go sit by the pool. I undressed but it took my wife half an hour to work up the nerve. Eventually, she did. She wrapped a towel around herself and we left the cottage. I just taken my towel at my side and loved the clean air as we walked to the pool. I almost laughed at nudism family as we passed a couple of nude people. They were all friendly and said hi but she never looked at them. She just hung her head down. When we got to the pool, there were just five people: Three guys and two women. My lovely wife and I sat on the loungers and she kept her towel on. It took another 30 minutes before my wife finally removed her towel and sat totally bare. I thought she looked so magnificent sitting there without anything on. Nearly as soon as she was nude, a couple walked around. I could tell my wife needed to grab the towel and cover herself, but she did not. I was proud of her. We spoke to them for about an hour and after awhile I could tell my wife was more relaxed with her state of undress. In fact she even got up and walked around with the other woman to get a drink at the snack bar. It was so surreal seeing her nude walking in a public setting like that. It was also as if I were seeing her for the first time through other people’s eyes. After when we returned to our cabin, we had the best time we’ve had in years. Since then, we’re regular visitors to that camp and even spend our time at home nude. Becoming a nudist saved our union.

-Jack King

It absolutely was my first experience at a “Landed Nudist Club”.

It was at a pastoral facility now called Drake’s Ridge in very rural Southern Indiana. I arrived early Friday evening with plans to camp Friday and Saturday nights. I ‘d a Nissan pick-up with a high-rise cap which I ‘d outfitted as a one man sleeper for camping. It turned out to be a warm late spring day along with the weather appeared like it was going to be showery. I checked in, and was assigned a location to camp. I instantly undressed before I did anything else. After all, that was why I was there.
When I has finished setting up my “campsite” I wandered around the grounds a little. There weren’t a lot of folks there yet, but the ones who were, were http://episodes.x-nudism.com . The pool was open, but being early in the year, the water was plenty chilly, despite the warmness of the evening. As it got dark, I was http://troyxxx.com prepared to go to bed yet. I noticed that there was smoke coming from the chimney at the lodge.
It was still drizzly, but not chilly in any way. Still, I believed that a fire may be fine to drive off the dampness. With that thought I got a book from my things and headed for the lodge. Indoors there were several chairs and couches in a semi circle round the hearth. I put my towel down on one (nudists consistently carry towels to sit on), sat, and opened up my book. People drifted in and out, and I spoke to quite a few them, including Ellen, the owner/supervisor who was still waiting for folks to come and check in. She turned out to be rather active in the national naturist organizations, and was also a political activist who had done a good deal to further the cause of nudism in diverse legal areas.
It was during this time that a van pulled up outside and in came a family. They consisted of Mom and Dad with three kids. There was a 13 or 14 year old girl, a boy of 11, and also a younger girl who appeared to be about 8. Overhearing their conversation with Ellen, it was clear that they were regular members, and had a long-lasting camper already set up.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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The children were clearly unsettled following the car ride, and the parents looked like two individuals who’d worked all day before starting on their weekend excursion, in other words; tired. It wasn’t extremely late yet, so the parents sat down on a couch opposite me and began to relax. The kids, on the other hand were in no mood to sit. As kids usually do, they had their own plan. “Mom, can we visit the frog pond?” After a moments consideration she replied, “That’s good, but take your clothes off first.”
I was immediately struck by several notions. First of all was, “What a really strange thing to hear a Mother say to her kids in a public place. The 2nd thing was, “That makes plenty of sense.” It wouldn’t matter a bit if the children got wet and muddy playing in the rain. They would rinse right off. Here was a Mother who wouldn’t have a lot of laundry to do after the weekend. My third realization was a feeling of belonging. I was eventually in a world that made sense to me. I was one of a group who’d managed to lay aside the man-made, and live in ways which was comfortable and natural.

There are a lot of closet nudists out there, and I’m one of them.

So, I action to write this to help others like me to find more ways to go nude. Below are some helpful hints:
At home:
When no one is home, (Or in the event you are willing to take your chances with someone about) merely bare it all and do your normal items. The wind blowing against your body feels absolutely wonderful. For all those who with their particular rooms, you can lock the door and sleep in the nude. Try wearing just shorts (Men) or one piece t shirt (Women). This way you can slip in http://4nspark.net if someone comes about. And for those people that share rooms, you can slip off http://nudism.name/nudism.html and sleep in the nude, covered with a blanket of course. In the event you’re frightened you will kick it off, tuck the sides of the blanket in closely to the sides of the bed. You may also go back and forth the bathroom naked, and no one will likely say a thing. This is probably the first step for anyone who intends to tell their parents about their naturist activities. My parents are a little open minded, however they have their limitations for nudism. I am generally allowed to go naked before or after bathing for some time. Going longer than that will justify a frown from them. I am currently working on attempting to make my parents come to terms with my nudism.
In case you’re fortunate enough to get a nudist beach or centre nearby, then don’t hesitate to visit it. Howeve if you’re unlucky enough (like me), you always have the option to improvise. If you have your own swimming pool, you always have the option to go there. When you are in possession of a private one, then use it! But should you live in an apartment (like me, again), you can try going at around 2-3 am. Alternately, go during office hours and school times, when there will be no one. A great way to be safe would be to envelop your swimsuit around your hands, so if anyone comes, you can certainly slip it on. And, when you have a park nearby, (Go on identical times as the swimming pool) A good idea in the event you’re going to the park or a hike, bring the needed supplies along with a plastic bag or a tote to keep your clothes in. I typically bring slippers so I can remove and wear it readily. I prefer to go barefoot everywhere, by the way. In case you have a bicycle, you can try cycling about naked. Constantly think of new ways to go natural. Make certain you map out a proper time to really go and to return. Be careful for people to. You can also try jogging around the neighbourhood.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
Check it

Try alleywyas and disjunct areas. Becareful if you’d like to take an extra danger by jogging past other people’s houses.
That’s about it. The key purpose I stress is to USE YOUR BRAIN! Find more places to go nude and always think ahead for everything. Okay then, that is about all I got to say. Until next time, keep nude!

Wrong Locker Room?

I’ve never done it, but I’ve been surprised by a girl in the inappropriate location.

There were 4 high school lads who had come to swim at the gym with a couple girl friends or sisters, and http://voy-zone.com/nudist-video-sample.html were showering and steaming and taking their time to get done while the ladies got more and more impatient outside waiting to go home.

Eventually, one of the girls threatened to enter to fetch them. All four were buck nude, rare for .za adolescents in our locker rooms nowadays, and believed the idea uproarious and so one of them told her to try it. They were still laughing their butts off when she did, and she got more than an eyeful. I have never seen such a change in mood – the four guys went into a complete tailspin, diving for cover and towels. She gave me a quick “sorry” on her way out, presumably a bit embarrassed at having found someone other than her four friends in there.

Wow, the boys were distressed. They did not find my lack of http://nudistsass.com , either.

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I believe they were expecting I’d have been annoyed and kicked up a fuss and told the woman/s off and thus given them something else to talk about instead of what I imagine was a quiet ride home and much discussion at school the next day.