I have a buddy Tasha whom Ive known since my college days. I’m very much fond of her

, for in my opinion she’s everything I lack -shes considerably hotter than me to begin with, and then she’s an adventurer. She’s this run in her, constantly being on the very top of the entire world.

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So it doesnt come as a major surprise that shes always surrounded by a crowd of admirers. But I can say that being her friend for so many years must have rubbed off on me by now -this friendship altered me in a great way, and now I ‘m more open to new opportunities. I let myself go from time to time, saying yes to craziest things -like that film with Jim Carrey, should you know what Im talking about.
So this one time me and Tasha we were spending a weekend by the riverside. Tasha called me a night before and advised me that a bunch of her friends from squash classes she had recently taken to were encouraging her to join them within their field trip. She wasn’t participating in the competition, being a beginner, but she was sophie dee beach to come along and bring her plus one.
A lot of the day we would be left to our own resources. Wed go out as well as have a light brekkie, then go to a shore and spend the remaining part of the day there while Tashas friends were busy at the parties. In the evening they’d join us on the seashore and much later in the day wed reach a club.
We were having as much fun as we possibly could for the first two days, and then, all of a sudden, Tasha came up with one of her fads, and this time it was around going stark naked on a public beach. She was not cool enough, you wee, with sunbathing topless the majority of the day, which already had made us a couple of the most famous bathers on the beach.
I understood that with Tasha it was no sooner said than done, and so I brazed myself and set my thoughts on making it to the ending of the day regardless of what, thanking thailand topless beach above that tomorrow we’d be leaving home.
It still took me a couple of beers in the morning to get used to the thought of accompanying my skin-nude buddy to the beach. Don’t get me wrong, http://nudiststeen.com ‘m not a Mrs. Grundy -if I had a body like Tashas, why, Id expose it on every occasion! So I imagine comprehending how much hotter she looked with her amazing palpable tits and toned buttocks was becoming to me in a way. An excellent thing though that I was able to shrug it away and have a few genuinely great time in the organization of my friend at the conclusion of the day!
But on top of everything, Tashas squash playmates were assumed to truly have a day off their sparring and could join us on the shore as early as forenoon. I was not at all convinced at how they’d require Tashas nudity -to me it was asking for trouble and being thoroughly provocative.
The first thing Tasha did when we came to the seashore that day was taking off her swimsuit top, just like she did a day before that. As usual, she turned heads of a dozen of guys that were enjoying a Sunday afternoon within our closeness. My friend, nevertheless, did not appear as courageous as she had the day before; it was not too long before she started nagging me to take off at least my top. She was going on and on about me being all blind folded and http://nuderoad.com , but that wasnt a furtive soil to plow. What eventually got me was the manner Tasha said that to her I seemed hot. Damn it girl, – she said, – Youre way hotter than I am, what are you so darn aware about?! To say that these words got me by surprise is to say naught of it.
For starters, my thighs are on the fatter side and an item of my lifetime displease with the way I appear; my breasts could be more considerable, too, but one thing I can say for them is they are nicely shaped. I have an hourglass figure that I know a lot of guys take for an eye candy, but I reckon thats about it.
Oh well what can I say, another beer -and I was game When I blown off my bikini top I felt like my very nerves were denuded. But against my worst expectations, nobody got to pointing fingers at me or sneering; more than that, later that day one of Tashas buddies complimented me on the form of my breasts.
Tasha lost her bikini bottom as soon as I took off my top; the two of us made the discussion of the beach. I was not that fond of the encounter though -certainly this feeling did not let me relax till the remainder of the day, and when Tashas team mates came along I felt completely uncomfortable. But this experience brought me the comprehension of what nudists see in this pastime -surely it takes a special place to be bare with the nature around you and a bunch of soulmates. Maybe someday I’ll try it again!

Maybe you have posed naked in public?

Could you get enough bravery to do that? Well, I did that and Im prepared to tell you my exciting teen nudism story! south beach topless occurred not so long time past. Few months ago or something such as that! It was the very summit of tourism season and millions of individuals were flying all around the globe while trying to find new impressions. Meanwhile I was sitting at home entirely free and I didnt have anything to do! My faculty term has finished however I was feeling kind of bored, since I had totally nothing to do! In order not to expire from boredom, I called my girlfriend Jessica and told her my story. I knew that she is extremely helpful and she’d find a great solution for me. When she heard my voice, she absolutely understood the whole situation and didnt take long to find an initial alternative. She told me that in Thailand there is the ideal spot to unbend and relax. Nevertheless , as soon as I heard that its gonna be a nudist beach, I felt kind of odd, because Ive never been there! I simply could picture as nude people are walking and lying by each other, but I could never imagine that I would be among them! Yet Jessica had perfect convincing skills and the following day I ended up flying with her in plane to one of these exotic islands in Thailand.
The thought of being around nude people itself was stunning me and frightening at precisely the same time. The street from the airport to our resort wasnt long and all this manner I was thinking how Im gonna act when I eventually arrive to nudist beach and get my first teen nudist encounter!
When I made my first step on that long-awaited nudist beach, a tremendous blast of unimaginable emotions has enveloped me! I was surprised, ashamed and excited at exactly the same time! I was hesitating to look at nude bodies around me and at penises which were encircling me! Naked studs everywhere! Cocks, cocks, cocksIve never seen such a enormous amount of dick surrounding me at exactly the same time! That was absolutely amazing! At first I was feeling kind of shy to expose my body to the general public. Nevertheless Jessica has described me that it’s totally legal and all those nude people will perceive my teen nudism as normal. So I left all the fears behind and began taking clothes off my body, gradually exhibiting my springy body conveniences till I was fully naked. I mean, certainly nude! No panties, no bra or bikini! And guess what? Nothing amazing has happened! All nudists chose me the way I am and Ive recognized that really there is nothing to be scared of teen nudism! Vice versa! In my age actually it’s very intriguing to find new horizons and get new things. Moreover all the things that I was discovering was honestly talking quite intriguing and exciting to me at the same time!
Quite shortly I have absolutely assimilated and all that mature and teen nudity wasnt disarraying me at all and I was feeling normally seeing boobs, bums and dicks encircling me!

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In return all those brawny studs started checking me out as well! I was feeling hundreds glimpses at my body! And frankly speaking it was so nice! For once in my life I wasnt fixed by any rules or limitations and all this slight lechery was completely legal! It was like a heaven on earth! Wonderland, to be honest! So a number of my secret desires and nasty fantasies have gotten real and I was recognizing this teen nudism encounter is completely irreplaceable for me!
Weve spent the whole day swimming in the ocean, having sunbaths and playing various sport games on the shore. Yet Jessica wanted to make this teen nudism journey utterly unforgettable and so she proposed another plan to me! When I thought that the most courageous thing has already been done, she has suggested me another one! Her plan was to seduce a man right on the shore! Could you believe in that? Same with me! At first I was totally stunned and didnt know what to do! But Jessica told me that there is nothing to be worried about! Im nude and it means that half of the strategy is already actioned. All I want is to come up to a stud Ive enjoyed and with the aid of my allure and pick up him! Ive never done anything such as this before, but she insisted and I ‘d nothing to do, but to obey. So I chose a handsome stud, who had a brawny buff body and impressive credentials. You know what Im talking about! So I approached, lied by him and started throwing tempting glances at him! I couldnt believe that Im doing this! Well, my sexy body and natural attraction got the work done just fine and quite soon we were discussing al read y as if we were friends since quite a long time! I liked him and he liked me! Everything was simply perfect! The day was slowly turning into night and we both knew how its gonna end up! But this is already another story! The key thing is that with the help of teen nudism I managed to do the most courageous thing in my life and not one, but two! And all this is because of Jessica and her inventiveness. Thats utterly unforgettable and those breathtaking memories will remain with me forever!

I wish I could say that I grew up in a naturist household, spending my summer holidays running round naked

in the sun. But I cant. I grew up in the East Midlands in the united kingdom in the 1970s (I was born in 1968), with a perfectly ordinary youth. I only ever saw my parents naked once or twice, and I dont think theyve seen me naked since I was about 10.
So, I grew up with all the regular British reservations about showing my body in public. I believe that my first exposure to naturism came on holiday in the south of France with my parents when I was (I believe) about 17 – my last holiday with them before I became a student and then left home. We stayed near Port Grimaud, and one day I made the decision to see what was on the different side of a large stony breakwater.

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Imagine my surprise when I saw a beach full of naked folks! Id like to say that I went and stripped off and joined them, but I didnt. Remember, this was a time when I didnt even need my parents to see me without a top on!
Anyway, when I was a pupil (living at home), I picked up a copy of Health and Efficiency from a store that had it as one of its own top shelf magazines (a phrase that will undoubtedly be familiar to British readers, but might be less so to those from overseas. Just keep in mind that Playboy is a top shelf magazine!). It was interesting to discover a magazine full of nude photographs of what I came to think of as normal people doing ordinary things not models who appear to be auditioning for a gynaecological textbook. At the moment, I also begun to spend some time throughout the house nude when everyone else was outside, but this was more from the illegal delight perspective. However, my opinion started to change, and I found that I actually enjoyed being naked, and envied people who could go on naturist holidays. I did handle a few afternoons sunbathing nude in the back garden in an exceedingly rare time when my parents were on holiday and my brother was still away at college in a different town.
And that was it for many years. In 1992 or 1993, my girlfriend and I went to stay with a buddy who lived in Poole, on the south coast. On the Saturday we went to their local beach for a walk, and my buddy warned us that there was a nudist section. It absolutely was Studland Bay, somewhere I’d learned of in H&E (which I had long ceased buying, chiefly because I ‘d moved in with click ). So there I was, walking along Studland, surrounded by nudists, but I didnt dare do anything. I mean, I used to work with my (female) friend (and did again a few years after) and couldnt imagine telling her hey, Id love to strip off here . For all I know, her and her husband might have been regulars, but that wasnt going to take place!
My girlfriend and I went back to Studland on our last day as the weather was pleasant, and I somehow plucked up the nerve to indicate to her that we went to the nudist beach since I fancied stripping off. She was fairly amazed, but agreed on the understanding that she didnt have to. I truly loved it, much to her bemusement. I even swam nude in the sea, which was just superb (if a little cool).
Over the the next couple of years, my girlfriend indulged me and we seen Studland once or two times per year and I likewise stripped off once or twice on a beach in France, but that was pretty much it. For the last 3-4 years nevertheless, we have been on vacation in French bungalows, and weve always managed to be remote enough for me (and sometimes my girlfriend) to strip off by the pool. During the last few years, I’ve been doing a series of photography classes (Im an extremely keen amateur), and the last one, in 2003, was social documentary. I fought for quite a while to think of a theme, and from somewhere deep down I came up with the idea of doing something on naturism. I hunted round the net and found a club in Marlborough (which is about 50 miles from Bristol where I now live) who surprisingly enough were agreeable for me to shoot some photographs and invited me to come along and see them even though I would be on my own as my girlfriend wouldn’t be joining me.
So, I somewhat nervously went to see them so they could meet me and I really could see what the photographic possibilities were. They were most welcoming, and I spent a thoroughly agreeable evening swimming and playing badminton in the nude.
There were some delays in receiving permission from the sports center they use, and in the end they said no. By this time, I ‘d been 2 or 3 times and was getting to appreciate it. Thus, even though my job was killed off before I had taken any images, the club asked me if I wanted to join, and I did. I now go along once per month or so, and love it. Theprimary problem is that the team meets on Saturday evenings, and I feel guilty about leaving my girlfriend on her own at home when I go. Id love for her to come as well, but she isnt confident enough at present, although she hasnt ruled out the possibility completely.
More lately, I have been starting to think about making contact with one of the clubs not too far from Bristol one that has its own land so that I could perhaps have somewhere outside to visit regularly.

My wife has ever been reluctant to go naked on the beach

– she has stripped off to swim when found unprepared on a really hot day – but has never really felt comfortable with the idea. She’s consistently said the best thing about naturist beaches was that she did not have to worry about covering herself with a towel when transforming.
This year we took our holiday in France and visited the beach at Espiguette near Grau du Roi. We’d been there on several previous occasion. One section is naturist but the two years we went there we did not venture to that section of the shore as my wife didn’t see it. Subsequently there was the year we fell upon the Mistral – a powerful wind that defeated my efforts to fasten our parasol. We discovered that there clearly was a cafe with sunbeds and parasols at the start of the naturist section. We installed ourselves and I went nude while my wife wore her bikini. When we swam she typically removed her top because she doesn’t enjoy swimming with a halter-neck. Her normal practice would be to then shift into a dry bikini for sunbathing.
Day One.
This year we arrived at the beach after a 300 mile drive from our overnight hotel. We went right to the cafe and hired our sunbeds and then went in for a swim with my wife wearing both parts of her bikini in case the water was chilly. It wasn’t! We then suncreamed, my wife put on her dry bikini and we settled down to sunbathe. From time to time she would take off her top to sunbathe on her stomach. We decided to go for a second swim. My wife took off the bikini top, hesitated, and then said “What the heck” and removed the underside also and alked down to the water. From that point on she swam nude but sunbathed in her bikini.
Day Two.
My wife swam nude but continued to put on a bikini for sunbathing. When lying on her stomach she removed her top but when lying on her back she went in for strap juggling. She does not enjoy rubbing suncream on her breasts and she’s very worried about them getting annoyed. On our journey she’d bought some variable 30 Roc suncream for her face in http://x-nudism.com/demo2.php and she had been given three small samples of their factor 60 product.

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She determined that the following day it would be simpler to try that on her breast and go topless.
Day Three.
Topless for sunbathing and walking; naked for swimming.
Day Four.
At the beginning of the day it was a little breezy so for the first walk my wife wore her bikini top – “for warmth not modesty” but for the remaining part of the day she was again topless or naked for swimming.
Day Five.
After swimming she chose to remain nude as her skin was a small crimson where it was squeezed by the elastic of her bikini. To my surprise she even stayed bare for a lengthy walk along the seashore. Days Six, Seven and Eight.
Nude http://skinnudist.com but one bikini packed “in case”.
Days Nine and Ten.
No bikini packed. My wife declares that she is now a naturist but wouldn’t need to strip off in England because it is too chilly! She begins talking about next time we come here and not having to bring a bikini ….
Many men have posted about their wives being reluctant naturists. It’s simply a case of patience and providing the proper environment. It is only taken a little over thirty years of union … My wife says this is the most relaxing holiday we have ever had.

My first experience was had Hedonism 2, June 1999. I went with my girlfriend it was her first encounter also.

I am able to recall the first day, we spent a couple of hours on the clothed side, attempting to get up the nerve to walk around to the nude side.

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So we decided to go over to get something to eat, since it absolutely was in between meal times….appeared like a good reason at the time.
Well anyway we walk over to the nude side, and I’m standing at the counter, and I must have looked lost, I imagine I was a bit in a daze…so this nude girl walked right up and asked me if I needed any help….just as friendly as great be. It was quite beach milf at the time, she semmed soo cozy, just chatting in the nude. So I did get a hamburger,and she helped me place my order!… and that interaction really helped us feel comfortable.
So we went over a sat on a few lounge chairs, and finally peeled off our clothing… so we are just laying there wondering what to do next.
We tried do dare each other, to get up and walk over to the frozen beverage machine. so we both took our turns doing that….WOW what fun it was the first time. Simply an electric feeling!
It did not take long to feel comfortable, because everyone was so friendly, we were only loving the experience. Now here is 2009, and I spend the majority of my holidays and many, many weekends at nudist resorts. Sunnyrest, White Thorn Lodge, BAr S Ranch, Caliente, Lake Como, http://noefa.com , Penn Sylvan, Orvis Hot Springs…all excellent locations.
It is the people who are the best part for me, I love the friendly feeling…everyone is your friend plus a nudist resort. The people are great.

On my 4th day at Wreck beach, arriving there at 10AM,I found a good place to lay out my towel and soak up some rays, naked of course.

A few hours later I could hear some female dialog near me, so I sat up and grabbed a bottle of water to drink. I said; hello. One of them asked me how often I go to Bust Up. I answered that I was from Edmonton and that this was my 4th day here. They were locals from Vancouver and this was their first time at wreck beach. At this point, they had gotten around to removing their tops.

Then, another one asks me ‘How come none of the men get Boners?’ To which I replied ‘That hardly ever happens on a nude beach,believe it or not’. Then I asked them ‘How do you enjoy this area, so far? The consensus was ‘ We don’t have loud mouth jerks hitting us up every 5 minutes like at url !’ At this point, all 3 removed their undersides. I said ‘Welcome to the Club’.

Now, I told them that I am going for a dip in the ocean to cool off. When I got back to my towel, one of them noted the water must be cold! I’m one who is quite substantial in the flaccid state, but the chilly shrivels it up!

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

We chatted for a while longer, then we went our separate ways due to some younger guys that looked to be packing the area that were clothed in board shorts and T-Shirts.(mindless).

I believe the 3 Young Ladies are SOLICITED on the Nudist Lifestyle.

How I found the marvels of nudist lifestyle

I chose to share my first experience with nudism for a quite simple reason. I am confident that there are many girls and women who feel like I felt and who aren’t entirely sure whether nudism is something for them. I am here to tell you that it’s one of the best things on the planet and that everyone should at least give it a go. But, let us start from the beginning.
I grew up in a little English town with parents who loved me and still adore me but who were raised very traditionally and who approached my upbringing with the same strict approach they were given. They consistently said that it did them no harm and that it makes up for a regular individual once he or she grows up. I had the misfortune (or, more precisely a fortune), of becoming best friends with a girl called Daphne very early in my entire life. Now Daphne grew up in a rather liberal family and I always envied her. Whereas she went with her girlfriends on holidays, I had to go with my parents, or at least up until I turned 18. This was the first time that I went abroad without them and I went with Daphne.
We went to Croatia, a little nation in the Mediterranean where it still feels like it’s not spoiled by mass tourism. It absolutely was Daphne’s notion and it was not until we got on the airplane that she revealed her plans. We were going to one of the nudist camps that Croatia was renowned for back in the day and where there are still great nudist camps. I was lost for words. I had no thought that Daphne was into this and as it turned out she wasn’t. It was her first time too. She merely believed it would be a interesting idea. It goes without saying that I was mortified, but the awareness of freedom of visiting beachfront without my parents was intoxicating and I went along.
We made it to the camp late in the evening and we went to sleep straight away. The following morning, we were awakened by the scorching summer light and by amazing scents of the Mediterranean. We determined to be somewhat less daring when we went to the reception and they told us that they have their own seashore. We made a decision to get beach girl over with instantly and we took off our clothes and did it. This is how the day that changed my life started.
When we got to the seashore, it was full of naked people old, young, married, couples, kids, you name it, they were there. I was so frightened that everyone will be looking at me that I nearly passed out. But I recognized that no one cared.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Everyone was going about their very own business and we put our towels down to sunbathe. When I lay down, I found the first reason why nudists do it. The feeling of warm sun all over your body, on your breasts and down lower was one of the very remarkable things I’ve ever felt. I’m almost ashamed that I began getting aroused the instant I sensed the warm sun on my vagina, it was as in the event the sun was caressing me and touching me in all the proper areas.
Afterward, we went for a swim and that was when I found the second reason why nudists do it. The cool water, after all the warmth of the sun was only insanely pleasurable. I believed my nipples hardening in matter of zeptoseconds and this sudden change of temperature almost gave me an orgasm. The only thing better than that was when we got out of the clearest water I have ever seen, back under the sun. http://x-nudism.com warming up of my whole body was entirely new to me, with no wet bikini clinging eternally. It was incredible. I actually think that if I’ve touched my clit, I’d have come in a second. I managed to hold back, at least until we got back to our room.
It was literally the best day of my life.

My first time naked in public was not meant to be public. I was a young man about 18 years old, and had appreciated

being naked for many years – but only when I was alone.
This summerday, I went to a distant beach, and walked to a remote spot and stripped nude. I was laying down, and reading a book, when a girl – about 30 years old and her 5-6 year old child came walking.
I was brought up with the notion, that nudity was OK for girls, but that a man without clothing was horrible or offending. So I was terrified, the girl ought to be upset, when she saw that http://x-nudists.com was naked. So I was very very surprised, when she chose to place her towel only 5 meters away from me, when there were plenty of other spots to chose.
She wore a bathing suit and lay down to read, without paying much attention to me. I was laying still on my stomach wondering how to mowe, without giving her a view of my private parts. After a little while, the kid started playing with a ball and attempting to get me interested in the ball. The mother asked if I was disturbed by the kid, and I denied.
It isn’t easy to play ball, when you’re lying on your stomach, so after a while, I gave up my modesty, and sat up, playing ball with the kid. As I sat there, with legs apart, the girl could see all, but that did not offend her. She smiled at me, and was clearly delighted, that http://rudenudist.com amused her kid.

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That afternoon I discovered, that some girls are not offended by a naked man, and the experience gave me the kick to start being naked, also when not alone.

I used to be much less careful than I ‘m now.

I ‘ve in the past gone nude on sometimes beach fucking , carrying nothing and walking purposefully past them for several miles. It is not prohibited there. People would notice, but few appeared at all disturbed. Just once did anyone (a man) thing on the specific grounds that kids might see me. As we know, youngsters take no notice of simple nudity, but I did feel nervous because I subsequently felt exposed and had no means at all to cover-up.
I occasionally experienced groups of two or three women expressing obvious approval that I was bare, not that I was searching for that. I avoided single women who were not naked or top-free so as not to make them feel uneasy or threatened. It was interesting to watch how some couples saw me bare and then removed their clothing. That was in the past.
In the interests of not causing offence and not giving naturism a bad name even if legal I’ve altered my approach to public nudity to be less noticeable. The same as Pete, I agree hiking is a good deal more interesting than the shore. In addition , I use quieter Spanish shores where few people pay any attention besides merely detecting, some see me and do the same! Hiking in Spain, it is really quiet the opportunities of running into someone are low. Hiking in the UK the odds are much higher. If alone I ‘ve tend to vanish off into the bushes, feeling nervous since I have zero wish to offend but afraid it may be taken as more than simple nudity.
Doing a Spencer Tunick setup has given me a different pespective on the way the Brits see nudity. 1700 people went http://ournudism.com/young-nudist-photos.html for a number of hours in a city in the name of “art”. Most weren’t naturists and were very nervous in the beginning. I don’t go naked on UK beaches unless lying on my belly in a silent area. I only stand up when there’s not anyone around for at least 700 yards, but may walk a long way afterward. If a person keeps on walking towards me I don’t generally worry about it, since it is their option and I ‘m on a really broad big beach, but if it is narrower I sit down and am unobtrusive until they’ve passed.
If I see a lone woman I often cover up as we get closer so she can feel “safe”. No one in the united kingdom has ever objected or seemed piqued. Occasionally they’ve been clearly amused, so I just say hello. You might wonder why I do not use nudist beaches very frequently. The main answer is straightforward.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Unfortunately, in the UK and on the smaller Spanish shores there are frequently various pervs hanging around and I don’t feel as comfortable. They’re the ones giving naturism a bad name.

I was born in a nation where nudism/naturism is still taboo.

I had my first experience once I was 13. http://nudist-young.com/nudist-beach.html during summer vacation and I was learning swimming in a near by pool. One day, I forgot to wear the swimming torso and I recognized that when I am going to drop my trousers.

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I don’t desire to go back home for my undies. So I chose to wrap a towel and continue to swim. The towel used to slip off frequently and for the very first time in my entire life that my skin got in direct contact with water under sunlight. I felt the coldness of water along with the warmthness of the sunshine with entirely nude body. Its a sensory feeling and I fell in love with naturism for http://youngnudest.com .
To be honest, I got into few sensual tasks (such as naked erotic massages etc) during my teenage. But I never felt the true happiness in these types of tasks and every time that I felt guiltiness in my heart that Iam doing something wrong. Nudism for me at that age is nothing but glaring at nude women. But as I grow-up, I gave-up all those lusty things.
as soon as I reached my twenties, I started thinking in a matured way and I began loving naturism. I had the sway of few philosophers on my mind, that makes me to opt naturism. Now Iam comfortable with naked men and woman of all ages around me. Infact , nothing around me is fascinating for me now than my own nude body exposed to sun.
But as I mentioned before, naturism isn’t welcomed in Asia. So, I used to restrict my activities within four walls. But whenever I get a change, I don’t consider second time to wear my birthday suit